Why choose me as your personal trainer?

Richard Mills

Active IQ Level diploma in fitness instruction and personal training

After working as a mechanical engineer I spent 16 years of my life working unsociable shift hours, eating on the go and snacking at strange times of the day. Exercise was always a hobby of mine but would often be put on the back shelf. As life progressed with marriage and children, my health and fitness was all but forgotten about, taking its toll on my body.

When our daughter turned two, I had one of those moments where you suddenly catch yourself in the mirror and realised that I had let my self slip quite far. From that point on, even though it was hard work, I started to make exercise my priority, working out as often as I could. Once I started putting my own health first, I started seeing the benefit it was having on my mood and mindset which made me a better person for friends and family.

Experiencing this change made me realise exercise is actually a big passion for me, I love weight training but also getting out for a long run where I can clear my head and push myself to my limits.
At the beginning of 2018 I had the chance to join my wife at her Chiropractic Clinic. Working there I have seen how people’s health can be vastly improved and how rewarding it can be to be a part of that change.

In summer 2018 I qualified with an active IQ level 3 in Fitness Instruction and Personal Training early this year.

I’m hoping that some of you reading this will see some similarities in your situation and decide I could be the one to help you make an important change in your life by making your own health and fitness. Who knows where it could lead!

Richard Mills, smiling on a sunny day in the Scotland hills.